Climate change will be one of the main themes to be discussed at the Hokkaido
Toyako Summit. To address the global warming issue, the Summit was designed
to minimize CO2 emission resulting from its operation. Having made thorough
efforts to minimize the CO2 emissions during the Summit, the inevitable CO2
emissions remain will be offset with CO2 emission reduction achieved and
investing in CO2 mitigation projects elsewhere. This carbon offset website is
designed to provide an opportunity for people who will visit (and those who are
visiting) the Summit to voluntary offset their own CO2 emissions.
For start:
What is carbon offset?
Let's carbon offset
Offset with what?
Choose to contribute to
reforestation projects?
Overview of the Hokkaido
Toyako Summit Carbon
Offset Project
A gift for people who contributed to the voluntary carbon offset
Environmental Consideration for the Summit
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